How To Fix A Dried Out Mascara In 5 Easy And Working Steps

If you are searching “how to revive a dry mascara” then surely you will find few hacks and easy methods recommended by makeup expert and us.

Mascara is a make-up Item it is used to thicken and darken the eyelashes Commonly used by the ladies in daily life, events, weddings etc. mascara changes the color of the eyes. It makes the eyes look brighter and confident.

Basically Mascara is used to thicken and darken the eyelashes and it really adds a big difference to our overall makeover. But what spoils our day. A dry out mascara even before its expiry. Our mascara needs some proper and care some replacement as well.

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Normally we need to replace our mascara after every three to six months of its purchase. After that our mascara becomes extra thick and messy , that we don’t want to deal with it Anymore.

Today we are here to give you the hacks in which “how to fix a dry mascara” without any problem.

let’s get started!

What Actually Reasons Does mascara Dry Up:

How To Revive A Dry Mascara

Here is some reason why does mascara dry up? Read below!

Pumping Action:

Many of us pumping the mascara Wand too much before applying it. Please Avoid this type of Activity Because every time you pump the wand of mascara then actually you are introducing the air in mascara tube And the air dries up mascara soon.

Suitable Age:

Sorrowfully all mascara’s have a lapse date. which is just around a quarter of a year like 3 months!! It’s essential to dispose of mascara’s that are more older than this for cleanliness reasons.

Moreover, if you will use an expired mascara(without check expiry date)then might be possible you may open your eyes to bacteria and eye infection and in return, your eyes will become irritated as well.

So! it’s most important to check the expiration date of mascara before Purchase it.

Not completely closing the mascara:

It is the most important and 3rd reason of dries up mascara. what we do that our mascara becomes dry up we leave the mascara cap open (even only a short bit!), it puts air and heat into the mascara making it evaporate.

Continuously! ensure you firmly seal the mascara as much as possible!

How To Check Your Mascara Need Reviving:

If you are looking for How to revive a dry mascara tips and hacks then It’s mandatory for you to check that does your mascara needs reviving or not? let’s! Find out the Instantly by doing a simple “RUB TEST”

Many of us personally want to know about the things in which our mascara need Reviving so! here are some points  are given below

    All you need just is a Mascara
    Take a Mascara wand
    Rub the Mascara on your hand
    Check the clump and flake factors

If you feel Your Mascara is clumpy and Flaky then definitely your mascara needs reviving! for this purpose read our complete article.

How To Revive dry mascara – 5 Hacks :

If your mascara is in need of reviving. HURRAH! Here are 5 easy and simple hacks are listed below:

#1 Warm water:

Take a cup of warm water and place the mascara inside the warm water cup for 10-15 Minutes,
but make sure that the cap is all tight. DO NOT put water inside the mascara,

Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it again. The heat from the hot water will soften the mascara and you will get the same result as before. This way you will get your mascara fixed.

#2 Eye Drops:

Who knew that Eye drops that we use to refresh our eyes, can help us to revive our mascara,
and what else could be best for an eye product. But YES! It can solve the problem. Just put 3-4
eye drops in your mascara and shake it well, and your mascara will be as good as the new one.

#3 Contact lenses solution:

Many of us search about “how to fix dry mascara with contact solution” so here is the Answer The saline solution that you are given with your contact lenses can help you to fix your mascara.

All you need to do is just add 3-4 drops of solution into the mascara tube and give it a shake for
some time. You will see that your mascara has been fixed.

#4 Olive oil:

Add a maximum of two oil drops into your mascara. Close the wand and shake it well. It will be
back to its form. In case, you don’t have olive oil at the moment. You still can have some other
options like you can use Macadamia oil or Johnson baby oil.

Using oil into your mascara will not only revive mascara to its new form but also helps to lengthen your eyelashes naturally. So what else can we dream for?

#5 Aloe Vera Gel

Add 1 or 2 pea-sized shots of Aloe Vera gel into your mascara tube. Blend it with the help of
wand and save yourself from buying another one.

How To Revive A Dry Mascara 4 working Tips:

NO NEED TO WORRY!!! you still have time to play your secret beauty cards. Here are some
MAGIC TIPS to “How to Reuse Mascara” as soon as possible.

#1 Moisturizers:

You can get your mascara fixed by adding 3-4 drops of moisturizer in the tube and blend it well
along the sides. You can now use your mascara again. But NOT every moisturizer can solve the

Your moisturizer should be thin and runny so that it will blend well with the solution.
Otherwise, thick moisturizer would be of no help at all.

#2 Microwave:

If you have a microwave at home. You can simply put your mascara in your microwave. And set
it to a minimum temperature. This way the dried-out mascara will melt and you can use it again.

# 3 Petroleum Jelly:

Take your petroleum jelly and open it up. Tap your mascara wand in the gel and make sure you
get some gel on the wand. Now blend it well. All the petroleum jelly will be blended and you can
apply it anytime.

#4 Coconut Oil:

If you are searching “how to fix dry mascara with coconut oil” then the best answer is all you need just a dries mascara tube, Coconut oil, and spoon. The next step is Utilize the spoon to put few drops (three to four drops ) of liquid type of coconut oil in your mascara tube.

You can either shake the mascara tube or curve your mascara wand in there to blend the oil in. After use of this trick You may see the wonderful effect that your lashes are longer after using this solution for around two months.

How to Avoid Your Mascara from Drying Out:

Here is some ways as well to AVOID this mess from happening!!!

Curious/Excited??? So let’s get into it. Here are some tricks and tips for you:

  • Make sure that your tube is closed tightly after use.
  • Avoid pumping the wand in the mascara tube, this will trap air inside and the solution will dry out soon.

  • Before applying mascara, roll it in your palms for some time. The warm sensation from your hands will help to thin the solution. This way your mascara will last longer.

  • For regular use, get a water-soluble mascara for yourself because it won’t dry out early. The waterproof mascara sticks to our lashes and is difficult to remove it. Also, there are more chances that it would dry out early.

  • Never sleep wearing your mascara, this way your eyelashes will get weaker and fall off.

  • Check the expiry date, before buying a new mascara. Take the one that will buy you more time.

  • Don’t use mascara for more than three months, due to heavy bacterial growth within an old mascara can irritate your eyes or may cause an infection.


In the Conclusion section, we tried our best to bring you a simple and easy hack that shows you how to use these simple tricks to learn how to revive dry mascara.

Furthermore if Avoid Your Mascara from Drying Out then read our Particular section.

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