Best mascara for sensitive eyes 2023 – Our Buying Guide

Do you need the best mascara for sensitive eyes 2023 that makes your eyes less itchy and suitable for those who wear contact lenses? we’re here to help you in out of your search and We have done fine research about best hypoallergenic mascara for sensitive eyes.

“An eye makeup without mascara is like a shirt without a tie”. Applying mascara after curling your lashes will always keep an appealing effect on your eyes.

But trouble comes, when you have an allergic sensitive eye when your eyes get watered after 2 hours of application of mascara or get inflamed having a reddish vibe on your eyes. More irritation occurs when it itches and you can’t even rub it as it will damage your makeup. It is a mess, right?

Study says mascara contains different chemically made preservatives which react to your eye skin and causes different allergic reactions if your eyes are sensitive enough.

10 Best Mascara For sensitive eyes 2023

“The makeup can wash into the eye and clog the glands, making eyes more dry and more likely to tear up and cause a sty” – says dermatologist Dr. Thau.

In order to prevent the growth of microbes, any cosmetic product that contains water- like mascara- needs to contain preservatives. Some people are sensitive to preservatives which can lead to redness or irritation near your eyes” – says Elizabeth Geddes Bruce Md, a dermatologist at Western Lake Dermatology in Austin.

But then, what is the remedy for it? Well, if you google and do some researches, you might find some tips and tricks for applying mascara carefully and it also might give you some temporary relief.

But techniques and tricks can never remove your sensitivity nor it can give you a  permanent resolution unless you use non-allergic mascaras which are clinically experimented.

There are some best organic mascara for sensitive eyes which will prevent you from itchiness, redness or irritation after application.

But now? Ophthalmologists and dermatologists approved the best mascara for sensitive eyes 2023 are presented below-

Comparison table of best mascara for sensitive eyes 2023:

Image Product Feature Price
editor’s choice
Benefits Cosmetic Roller Lashes Mascara
where the magic comes from, this mascara lifts and curls your eyelashes for 12 hours, and yet a beautiful dimensional look to your eyes Check On Amazon
Top pick
Heroine Make Long and Curl Mascara
Contains a 5mm long-fiber it can give you a dynamic lengthening effect. It can Separate the lashes without the clumps containing curl stoping ingredients with Memory-Shape Polymer Lashes stay curled upward for many hours and even curls stay all day. Check On Amazon
Runner up
Too Faced Full-Size Mascara
Main Component of this mascara is Hourglass-shaped brush, that gives your eyelashes a dramatic look as well as voluptuous volume, this super amazing formula that thickens, lengthens, and curls your eye lashes just after one coat. Check On Amazon
High end
Etude house Dr. mascara fixer- Volume Up
With transparent fixing gel Mascara feature, it’s perfect mascara that curl, volume, waterproof fix in any environment and Holds the curl of your lashes and gives you a natural look Check On Amazon
Top Pick
Maybelline lash sensational Mascara
Fashionable fanning mascara brush Feature with 10 layers of bristles reveals layers of lashes it can give you a sensational full fan effect And it Add the look of length and volume lashes without clumping. For contact lens wearer it is safe because it is Ophthalmologist-tested with the iconic Maybelline Great Lash, a smooth, clump-free feature this is an overall good mascara. Check On Amazon
Best pick
Etude house lash perm curl fix mascara
The C-curl brush that evenly coats each of the lashes and gives you a high-definition look, the waterproof and sweatproof formula so with Curl 24HR Technology feature is considered a good mascara Check On Amazon
top pick
Marc Jacobs beauty velvet noir major volume mascara
The Marc Jacobs beauty velvet noir major volume mascara is Giving your lashes dimensions of epic proportions. , it separates and curls each lash very thoroughly and carefully the velvet noir makes your lashes thicker and curlier Check On Amazon
Best Budget
Mac cosmetics extended Giga black play lash mascara
A petite gripper super amazing brush Feature, and embedded with micro-spheres covers even the tiniest lashes, from root-to-tip. With a Great volume, and a high-definition look that stays up to 16 hours of usage Check On Amazon
Premium Choice
Lancôme definicils high-definition mascara
Classic mascaras with one swipe brush that mainly focus on the length and curl of your lashes. The best thing is in this mascara us Suitable for contact lens wearers and the plus point is opthalmologist tested. Check On Amazon

1.Neutrogena healthy lengths mascara-


  • Gives up to 12 hours of curl.
  • Instant curve setting formula
  • Easy and quick use
  • Hook brush gives a natural dimension to your eyes
  • Affordable


  • Dry

Prepared with antioxidant vitamin E and rice protein, Neutrogena healthy lengths mascara is well suggested by several dermatologists as it is hypoallergenic, which means suitable for allergic or sensitive eyes.

Its long and soft-stubble brush gives your eyes a slightly natural look and you can suitably use it with contact lenses too. One of the top review quotes, “ I love the idea of this as being a ‘healthier’ mascara. And I love how it goes on, it’s not too thick or clumpy, it provides a more natural look.”

Assuredly, its olive oil formula deeply nourishes the lashes and makes it softer and healthier, also comfortable to use a second time.


2.Tarte lights ,camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara-

Tarte lights, camera, lashes 4-in-1 mascara is from Tarte cosmetic and we all know the Tarte cosmetic is a well-known brand. So that’s the reason this mascara has over 10 thousand plus positive reviews on Amazon and also it has earned the title of Amazon Choice on amazon.

Dermatologists approved one of the best seller mascara products is Tarte lights, camera, lashes. It provides its ultimate uniqueness in its own name which points out that this mascara presents an attractive outlook when applied.

However, This mascara Contain Natural ingredients just like  “rice bran”, “olive esters, provitamin B5 softens so gives you one lash and gives a voluminous look. This mascara we added in our Best Mascara For Sensitive eyes 2023 list, let’s find it why!

It’s absolutely safe for contact lenses and can be comfortably used for 24 hr. According to reviews, even not being waterproof this mascara stays up for a longer time. Also, let me tell you a fact that it’s completely vegan.


  • Adds extra volume
  • Long-lasting even not being waterproof
  • Easier application
  • Totally smudge-free
  • Prevents any eye irritation
  • Ophthalmologist-tested


  • It’s a bit clumpy
  • Flake

3: Maybelline Full ‘N Soft Washable Mascara-

If you are confused about having two mascaras for a natural look, also a dark shady look, well Maybelline full and soft washable mascara works for both. Its advanced thickening formula nourished with vitamin E creates softer yet a fuller look to your eyes.

So, Its soft and bristle brushes create a classic and at the same time a very iconic look, which can also be removed swiftly with any kind of remover.

According to some positive reviews, it says “I use cotton ball and lotion and it works like a charm to remove any residue”.In addition, for medical purposes, it is totally safe as its ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested.


  • Soft and bristle
  • Long-lasting
  • provides a natural yet attractive look
  • Totally clump-free


  • Does not add that much volume
  • not waterproof

4: lmay thickening mascara-

If your eyes are sensitive enough but you desire to give your eyes a fuller attractive look, then Almay thickening mascara works for you. Formulated with aloe Vera ( which prevents sensitivity)and vitamin B5, this mascara provides your eyes a high-volume look.

Furthermore, its ophthalmologist tested and hypoallergenic proven, so you need not be tensed about the sensitivity and irritation created near your eyes.

One person in the review section commented “ This one does not irritate my eyes. It’s thick enough to look nice without having to do a bunch of coats and it doesn’t clump”.

Other than the fact that a lot of positive reviews say that it’s very suitable for sensitive eyes, there were some negative reviews too where they commented on having some eye irritations after applying this. But I would suggest you once try this mascara using the buying guide below and also review it.


  • Thickening lashes
  • Not smudgy
  • easy remove
  • ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested
  • best for allergic/sensitive eyes


  • Creates irritation sometimes
  • a bit flaky

4.Covergirl lash blast volume mascara-

First of all, This mascara is made from well known CoverGirl Brand as well as one of the best drugstore mascara, also if you are looking for the best volume mascara then This is the best CoverGirl mascara for volume.

Moreover, This CoverGirl mascara is not providing clumping or flaking and is available in four different shades too. With these four shades, you can enhance your eyelash’s beauty. Now it’s your turn to which color you will choose.

Lash Blast Volume Mascara is specially Designed to max out every lash, it gives you a dramatic look. and this Lash Blast Volume Mascara promises 10 times more volume instantly so with that feature It is one of the Best Mascara For Asian Lashes 2023.

With No clumping feature, This volumizing mascara evenly coats each lash, It does not clump or flake. and that feature defines the beauty of this Lash Blast Volume Mascara.

This Mascara has overall Fourty Thousand + Positive reviews on amazon also it has earned the title of Amazon choice. if you want to get some extra beauty of lash then try to make Pair with Covergirl Perfect Point Plus Eyeliner for extra contrast that makes your eyes attain out even more.


  • Clump free
  • Gives a voluminous look
  • Lengthens your lashes
  • Affordable


  • Running and gloopy
  • Removal is not easy

5. La Roche-Posay Respectissime Extension Lengthening Mascara-

Suitably designed for sensitive eyes, respectissime extension lengthening mascara gives your eyes a stronger and smoother look. It’s completely paraben-free, fragrance-free and ophthalmologist tested. Its polymer-based formula moisturizes your lashes.

Also, this mascara has a double-sided brush to help define your lashes and provide a more powerful look. One of the positive review reports, “I highly recommend the La Roche-Posay Respectissime Mascara for anyone that has sensitive eyes. This does not irritate my eyes one bit.”


  • Easier removal
  • hypoallergenic
  • waterproof
  • provide texture


  • Sticky
  •  A bit smudgy

6.Clinique High Impact mascara –

First of all This Clinique High Impact Curl Mascara is made by a renowned brand. The best features, it can curl your lashes from the first coat onward which means you can easily jump the step of curling your lashes beforehand

Most of the probably many mascaras are Ophthalmologist-tested this Clinique High Impact Curl Mascara is Ophthalmologist-tested that actually means it safe for sensitive eyes as well as it does not irritate and itching your Beautiful eyes.

If You are Anxious with the dark circle of eye makeup then this mascara does not dark circles from your eye makeup, this is an absolutely perfect choice

One of the best features of this Clinique High Impact Curl Mascara Longevity and the best feature of this mascara stays on forever even at the night.

The thing that we liked, even more, is that the application brush is shaped in such a way it does not matter how much your lashes are natural, and the curl will definitely appear.

In addition, This Clinique High Impact Curl Mascara has hundreds of Positive Reviews on amazon also it has earned the title of amazon choice.


  • Hypoallergenic
  • reasonable price
  • Perfect sized brush
  • Easy removal
  • lengthens your lashes


  • A bit clumpy
  • Flake

7.Honest beauty extreme length mascara+lash primer 2-in-1:

The only reason for suggesting this mascara is just that, it comes with a lash primer which after applying the mascara if tried, ultimately gives a very fuller look.

The mascara itself does not work so well, unless the primer is used, which creates an even base and darkens the blackish color to your lashes. Maximum reviews of this mascara state the fact about the total mixture of primer and mascara which furnishes a very attractive look to your eyes. Also, it is an Ophthalmologist and Dermatologist tested.


  • lengthens lashes
  • Zero flaking
  • Primer is very good


  • Short wanded

Buying guide of Best best mascara for sensitive eyes 2023:

When you are shopping for Best Mascara for sensitive eyes 2023 then which thing that you should keep in your mind here is given below!

Every brand tries to create a distinctive feature while producing a mascara product. It depends on you which product you will buy after reconsidering all the features together and compare which suits best for you. It eventually varies from one person to another according to need.

But the fact is, choosing what is best for you has never been such an easy task. So, we are presenting a buying guide and also a process of proper application below. Some pro tips are also here as a bonus.

Look out the tags:

One of the basic directives for choosing mascara best for sensitive eyes is to look out for proper tags.

How can you understand what is real? well, you can surely get a hint looking for tags especially the one written ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘ ophthalmologist/ dermatologist tested’. Sometimes tags like ‘non-toxic’ or ‘allergy free’ also determine whether they are actually tested or not.

Experiment it :

Well, when you go to any store for buying products like mascara, you surely have to test it in your eyes practically. Remember to use only stored products.

Avoid all kinds of samples previously used by any customer( you have to be careful as you have sensitive eyes). Start by applying mascara gently to your eyes. Keep it for at least 1 hour to see if any irritation or inflammation takes place. If not, then you can give it a try.

Throw away before it gets expired:

Normally a product used for 6-8 months should be thrown away, especially if you have an allergy problem. Even the product you use is very much clinically experimented with and hypoallergenic and stuff, you must not use it for a long time.

A gentle way of application:

Everyone knows how to apply mascara to lashes. But many don’t know some special techniques by which your eyes will be kept safe from any kind of sensitivity.

Don’t worry, it’s simple. Just try applying a primer before using the main mascara. If you don’t have any primer, Vaseline works quite well as an alternative. Find an old mascara brush, dip it in the Vaseline and apply it gently to your eyes. Also, curl your lashes a bit before applying mascara. It really helps to have a more intensified look.

Be careful while removing it:

Stay alert to use a good branded ( Almay, honest beauty, la Roche posey) remover while removing mascara from your eyes, especially when you use waterproof mascara. Surely you don’t want to lose your lashes.

If the product is not waterproof and you don’t have a remover, then Vaseline or lotion might be helpful while removing mascara.

Also, take extra care while removing it as damn! it’s your lashes! The traditional use of warm water while removing it still works very well. Don’t forget to moisturize it by using Vaseline for a little while. 

Do we have advice for you? yes please! kindly remove your mascara before going to sleep, you surely don’t want to see your black smudged face when you wake up in the morning.

Some bonus tips:

  • Try using fragrance-free mascara for use when you have a sensitive eye. Because sometimes the chemical used for adding fragrance creates inflammation and allergy near your eye.
  • Avoid the use of products that are formulated with a lot of ingredients. The more chemicals in your eyes, the more irritation occurs. Try finding simply and naturally made products (especially aloe Vera or provitamin made)
  • Don’t use colorful mascara as it can react with your lashes and create irritation. Just go for a simple black.
  • If you don’t desire long-lasting mascara, then you must avoid waterproof mascaras as it is always hazardous to remove it, and while doing this, your sensitivity might wake up.

  • Never compare yourself with others. If your friend uses a product and recommends you to use it, you must never buy it without experimenting with it. Because every product does not react the same way to everyone. One product that suited best for your friend might create an allergy to your eyes or vice-versa.
  • Be careful while buying a product.

Final Verdict:

For all the individuals out there who are concerned with your day-to-day look in front of the world, this message is for you. Surely, you all understand the importance of mascara after putting eyeliner into your eyes.

Does your eye look full without having mascara on it? .Surely not. ( if yes, then you might haven’t actually tried it properly, go look for some best mascara from our site).

Mascara is an item that highlights the inner beauty of your eyelashes and represents it with a stunning look. So, shouldn’t you be very careful while buying the best out of it? Apart from all of it, I must mention that this site provides you best of all mascara and its specially for those who have sensitive or allergic eyes.

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