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Are you Wondering how to apply mascara without clumping? Then you don’t need to wonder about this because today we’ve sharing the a few working tips and steps on how to do this. And everyone Personally wants to know.

Unfortunately, many of us believe that they have short eyelashes and can’t attain a pretty look. The secret is in the uses and many of us are clearly getting it wrong. But the true thing is Lush eyelashes are within your grip but you need to know the working tips and best methods first!

Now, First of all, we need to know what causes and why does mascara clumping?

What Causes mascara clumping?

There are a few reasons why mascara might be clumpier than normal. Below is 5 Most common reason that you must need to know why does mascara clump.

#1: Incorrect Formula:

First of all Sometimes Mascara can be clumpy because the incorrect formula for example, mascara is intended for lengthening and volumizing so incorrect formula is the most common reason that cause mascara clumping.

#2: TOO Much Mascara On Wand:

Here’s anther reason that you have too much mascara on your wand .so  Most of the times mascaras come with a short grip insert that should guarantee your wand only comes out with the ideal quantity of an item.

but, Unfortunately, it can at times still be easy to get a lot of on your wand. Now the question raises What should you do If you ever see that looks a tad lot coated, then simply you should leave it against the edge of the container to free yourself of the too much product.

#3: Too Many Coats:

without a minor doubt it appears impossible, but when you apply coat after layers of the volumizing and lenghtning particularly if it’s a fiber mascara then result will undoubtedly occur clump.

As long as you definitely don’t need an amassing calamity on your hands then it’s most  important to really look at your eyelashes after each coat to ensure you’re not trying too hard.

#4: Wrong way to apply mascara:

The time When we want to apply the mascara then it is most important to know the right way to apply mascara but many of us apply it in wrong way then this the commonly reason that mascara cause clump.

While applying a good mascara to your top lashes is pretty self-evident—start from the base and brush then apply mascara on your lower lashes it can be somewhat less clear.

Moreover, That’s because that when you’re working with super little lashes it tends to be difficult to brush them out,

All things considered, you should have a go at utilizing somewhat side-to-side crisscross movement to sufficiently cover your lashes and get as near your lash line as could reasonably be expected. Trust us this method can  works properly.

#5: Expired Mascara:

Yes you heard right and That’s 100% right, Check out the expiry date of your mascara . Believe it or not the validity of your mascara can expire that’s definitely means your mascara can expired. and this is most important and main reason to make cause of clumpy.

you’ve probably had a time in your life where you’ve seen that your favorite mascara does not convey anymore, having dried out and lost its shines.

Normally the validity of mascara expire in the range of 3-to-6 months , so stay tune with expire time period  and your lashes should be in the free.

Now we should talk about tips to apply mascara and steps to apply mascara without Clumping!

7 New Steps To Apply Mascara without Clumping?

To apply the mascara without clumping follow the following steps:

Step # 1: Select the Right Kind of Mascara

The first step is to select mascara. Before you even begin applying your mascara make sure that the product you are using to able to do a great job. Because The mascara selection is important and it is always relevant to the duration and reliability.

Step # 2: Curl your eyelashes:

The Second step is start Curl your eyelashes with the help of a Best curler Because It will give a bigger and brighter look to your eyes.

Step # 3:  Rotate the bristles of mascara

The thing is turn the bristles of mascara with the tube. Do not take the bristles out of the mascara tube. If you take mascara bristle out and in the air enters into the mascara tube. If the air gets mixed with the mascara it becomes clumpy. 

Step # 4: Start from Root to top:

Start from the roots, put the mascara and move outward. Always start putting mascara from the base of the roots. Put one coat of mascara at the base of eyelashes.

If the roots or base of eyelashes have good concentration of mascara they will give smooth shape to the eyelashes. Heavy mascara at the roots of eyelashes keep the eyes open and it does not pull down the eyes i.e. it does not create the pressure on the eyes.

Step # 5: Coat Your Lashes:

 Apply the same procedure of coat for the lower eyelashes. As the lower eyelashes have smaller volume so you can use smaller bristles wand for them.

Step # 6: Second Coat:

After the drying of the first coat of mascara. Apply the second coat of mascara on the eyelashes. The second coat of mascara is according to your desire whether you want to take light or heavy mascara. Keep one thing in mind: apply mascara from roots towards ends in the upward direction.

Step # 7: Look yourself in the mirror:

 Look yourself in the mirror if you still feel your eyes are lacking brightness then use a curler and curl your eyelashes.

Tips for applying Mascara Without Clumping:

Use the following tips for applying smooth and clamps free mascara.

  • Curly lashes give a smooth and Pretty look to eyes. To give a proper curly look to eyelashes. Use a curler and curl the eyelashes before and after applying the mascara. 
  • To make the eyelashes thicker use extra translucent before applying the mascara. It will give the thick shape to the eyelashes after using the mascara.
  • Apply the mascara from the base to the outward direction. Apply a thick layer of mascara at the ends of the eyelashes. Thick ends of eyelashes will smooth and lengthen the eyelashes
  • To avoid the clumping mascara thoroughly clean the wand and then use it. Clean the wand of mascara and wash it with water. 
  • Do not throw the old mascara wand. Use the mascara wand after dipping in water and clean the eyelashes. Cleaned eyelashes will hold the mascara clamp free and for a long time.
  • Some people have sticky eyelashes, if you are one of them use the old mascara wand for cleaning the eyelashes. Applying the mascara after cleaning the eyelashes will avoid clamps and give a smooth look to the eyelashes

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